Student Vision Event Photos

October 11, 2003: Nobel Pauling Symposium (see agenda)


Richard (Actokine) Dr. Tayler (Serono)

Scientists from Academia and Biotech meet and become future collaborators

Great scientists have a lot to discuss: from Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson

A Biotech Seminar from Dr. Tomi Sawyer (Ariad Pharmaceuticals) was a unique 16th birthday gift for his son Thomas Sawyer

Free Biotech Seminars and Dim Sum for whole lovely family

Brother of Dr. Brian Zambrowicz (Lexicon)
was so proud of Brian's seminar

Wife of Dr. Thomas Wu (Genentech) attended his seminar

Dr. Pauling is hero for Mika Newton (Tripos) and Professor Zhang (MIT)... everyone loves gifts

Dr. Pauling is hero of Dr. Wei Tang (Volunteer for 4 Pauling Symposia)

No age limit for science

The cat is away while the mouse can play (and drink & eat all day long.)
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Dr. Shuguang Zhang, MIT & Dr. Andrew Marshall, Nature Biotechnology

Dr. Victor Shifrin, Surface Logix & Professor Thomas Gilmore, Boston University

Dr. Scott Wadsworth, Johnson & Johnson & Dr. Grace Wong, ActoKine Therapeutics

Dr. Andrew Marshall, Nature Biotechnology &
Dr. Thomas Wu, Genentech

Dr. Yong Li, Brandeis University
Winner for Poster Exhibition

Dr. Irene Bosch, UMASS Medical School
Questions for the Biotech Speakers

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